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Dr. Scott McQuate

The irony of living at this time in history is that the more technologically advanced we become and the more information we accumulate, the fewer answers to life’s truly important questions we obtain. If you feel that something is increasingly wrong in the world and you’ve been disappointed at every turn in your quest for answers to the mysteries that surround us, don’t be discouraged. You can know the truth.

Dr. McQuate initially attended Mt. Vernon Nazarene University and graduated from Asbury College with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. From there he attended Ashland Theological Seminary after which he went on to receive his Master's Degree in Scriptural Psychology from Midwest Theological Seminary. There, he completed most of his post graduate work in Scriptural Psychology before receiving his PhD in the same from Walsingham University. He is an author, exegete and lecturer that knows, beyond any doubt that the truth, necessary for humanity’s freedom has been intentionally hidden by those who have manufactured the Matrix of your reality. The word Matrix is not just the name of a movie, but a word also used five times in the Bible, and from the time you came through that Matrix, your understanding of the world around you has been meticulously programmed.

For more than a decade Dr. McQuate has been piecing together the fragments of a lost puzzle that holds the key to your freedom. He has discovered a secret repository of ancient information hidden within the Bible and beneath layers of other ancient languages, unrecognized by scholars for millennia. From this research, his students at have learned answers to questions such as Who really built the Great Pyramid and what does it have to do with your genetics? Where is the Garden in Eden and what really happened there? What are UFO’s and ORB’s? What is the Ark of the Covenant and how is it directly connected to your DNA? What all-important prophecy is happening right now, foretelling the Last Days that is unknown to Pastors and Theologians? How is the Temple of Solomon connected to the Holy Grail? What do the letters Y-H-W-H describing God in the Bible really mean? Is Planet X real and so much more.

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"I have been in the church my entire life and thought I knew the Bible inside and out, but quite honestly was floored from the information in Dr. McQuate's book. There has obviously been a very long-term effort to hide these things."
                        Donald K., Washington

"Having been a Pastor for more than 20 years, I have looked at the topic of the Tribulation from many different perspectives. What I've learned from Dr. McQuate's research is nothing short of incredible. The information he's uncovered is crucial for people to know and is incredibly powerful. This man knows his stuff."
                     Richard B., Pennsylvania

"I want everyone to know that you have changed my life with your teachings. I appreciate your dedication so much and am completely enthralled with your unique findings. The truth you've shared from your research is so interesting I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you!"
                     Susan M., South Carolina

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