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'The most fascinating, jaw-dropping book ever written on the subject of the Tribulation, bar none.
Prepare to learn what you've never known.'
Steven H. - PhD., ThD., Pastor of 27 years.

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Hidden Truth - The Tribulation

The Great Tribulation  

The Tribulation is a real event of earth-altering importance that is said to take place after the Rapture during the End Times and it is something that will effect everyone, regardless of their religious affiliations or beliefs. If you are a Christian, however, who thinks you already understand the Tribulation or are a non-religious person who thinks it is a myth, either way, you need to think again. The Tribulation period is highly-misunderstood because of many doctrinal lies and misconceptions that have been touted as fact and unbeknownst to present-day Scholars, Pastors and Theologians, the subject of the Tribulation is not unique to the Bible. The shocking facts of this epic, all-important event were also spoken of within cultures long pre-dating the Bible, such as the Mayan, Sumerian, Hindu, Canaanite and others but, just as prophesied in Daniel 12:4, Proverbs 25:2 and elsewhere in the Bible, they have been intentionally concealed for millennia...until now. For a watered-down and tremendously adulterated understanding of the Tribulation, we can look to the current version of the Bible and to those who teach the tribulation 'doctrines' that have been corrupted, but if we want to understand the Tribulation accurately and truly know what this imminent, earth-altering event is about, we must look to not only the un-adulterated words of Jesus, but to other cultures pre-dating the Bible from which nearly all of the Biblical stories were taken. These are the 'old paths' spoken of by Jesus, which He stated were 'good'. The portrayal of events within the Bible, as a fact, have been twisted and filled with leaven as Jesus warned they would be, but just as prophesied, the veil is being lifted in these Last Days and 'The Book' is being opened. This is where Dr. Scott McQuate's research is crucial. As an author and researcher who has spent many years and hundreds of thousands of hours asking, seeking and knocking to delve into the deeper, hidden meaning of this and other ancient stories, his works finally explain the Biblical riddles that have never been understood by the teachers, pastors and theologians of our world.

Dr. McQuate's Unparalleled Research 

Dr. Scott McQuate Lecturing

Dr. Scott McQuate is an internationally-acclaimed author and lecturer known around the world for his research into ancient texts. He has been on dozens of radio shows and has taught thousands of individuals from all over the globe, many of which have been personal students of his at his private learning network, The Inner Circle. For more than a decade, Dr. McQuate has spent hundreds of thousands of hours uncovering the truth that has been concealed from the world by the 'lying scribes' warned about in Jeremiah 8:8 and the 'coverers' of truth spoken of throughout the Bible under different aliases. If you have ever read Dr. McQuate's works before, you know that they are incredibly interesting, of extraordinary value and contain content that is above and beyond the ordinary. As a fact, there is nothing else like them in the world. Rest assured that you will be blown away by what he has discovered hidden beneath the ancient texts and shrouded stories of the Bible regarding The Great Tribulation as well. The information Dr. McQuate provides is life-changing and is of only the highest quality. If you are a genuine truth-seeker, when you read Dr. McQuate's books or listen to his teachings, you will know once-and-for-all that you have found what you've been seeking. This is information that is not available from any other source, is exclusive to Dr. McQuate's research and will transform your thinking. As a no-nonsense individual, Dr. McQuate has only one goal in mind; teaching the truth, so you can be free. Choose from the resources listed above or to the left today and get ready for a life-changing journey into the truth that has been hidden from the world...until now!

Do You Really Want The Truth?

Do You Really Want The Truth?

Many people say they want the truth, but what they really mean is that they desire to find a body of evidence that supports their existing belief system. Anyone with that mindset will never truly understand the truth and will therefore, never be free from the lies that hold our world captive. The truth is extremely difficult to find and takes a great deal of dedication and time, two things which most people in our world are simply not willing to invest. This is why Jesus said that in order to find the truth, we must 'ask', 'seek' and 'knock' which means to 'constantly', 'persistently pursue' in the Greek language. This is because He understood, even at that time in history, thousands of years ago, that there was a concerted effort underway, by those who knew the truth, to hide it beneath doctrines, languages, belief systems and the Jewish Fables we are warned about in Jude 1:4, in order to control the minds of the masses. Because people have chosen to not believe the truth as Jesus taught, but have believed doctrines instead, God has put the world, en-masse, regardless of personal beliefs or religious affilition, under a 'strong delusion' that has caused them to further 'believe the lie', just as prophesied in II Thessalonians 2:11. This is precisely where the world has found itself, today, just as prophesied.

The genuine truth seeker, therefore, must 'choose' to 'see' and must decide that knowing the truth is their sincere goal. If this describes you, choose your materials of choice above or on the left and get started on your journey into all-important truth that you've never known before.

The Truth Can Be Known And Is Not Based On Interpretation

The Truth Is Not Divided - Christianity Is

Currently in our world, there are well over 40,000 denominations within Christianity. This is a specific fulfillment of the words of Jesus when He stated in Mark 3:25, 'if a house be divided against itself, that house cannot stand'. These thousands of differing opinions or 'divisions' within Christianity, coupled with the multitude of opinions that are ever-present in our world today about any number of issues, have led most people to believe that the truth is not unique, that it is not singular in-and-of-itself and that the truth can be different things to different people. This is one of the great lies of the Last Days and another facet of the 'strong delusion' spoken of above. But that time is coming to a close and just as prophesied, knowledge of the truth is being brought forth in these Last Days. Daniel was told to 'seal up the book until the time of the end when knowledge shall increase'. That book is only now being opened and the truth held within its contents that the world has never known, is now available, just as prophesied. The question you must ask yourself is... 'Are you ready to know the truth?' If you are, then choose your book or audio of choice from above or to the left and get ready to see things as you've never seen them before. The truth will indeed make you free, just as Jesus said.

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The guy's on fire
Chase L. from Philadelphia, PA
I just purchased and read The Tribulation by Dr. McQuate after listening to his interview on Veritas. OMG, this man is seriously on fire and I mean that in a good way. His information is 'top shelf'. What he goes over in the interview is only a small part of what I read in the book which is FULL from cover to cover. This information has helped me understand what a lot of the Bible really means. It's staggering the way he has fit the pieces together in this way. I want to say 'Thank You' for what you've done and I hope to hear more from and about you soon! (I will also be joining today.)
Posted at 10:40:am 06/23/14
Like a shot of espresso for the brain
Grant from North Carolina
First of all, I couldn't put this book down. I even missed a meeting at my church so I could finish it. It's not a typical 'Christian' book that you would expect written to explain a doctrine, but I'm so glad for that. He explains what the tribulation is and if you read this you're going to be surprised like you never imagined. It's that good. The author has obviously put forth tremendous effort to write this and it shows in the details he gives with the meaning of the Sumerian words and their connection to the Hebrew language. The whole genetic aspect of the Bible that he presents has completely opened my eyes and I'm now getting ready to read it again. This time to take notes.
Posted at 4:32:pm 01/28/14
Wonderful and interesting
Don from Dayton, Ohio
Someone in our Bible study recommended Dr. Mcquate's books to me and my wife. We read the tribulation and were a little gobsmacked. We have been Christians for over 25 years and in all that time this is the first time that we've ever really been able to understand what is going on in the scripture in a lot of areas. This book helped the rubber meet the road in our lives so to speak and and has helped us so much. We feel that we can finally see things from a much more authentic perspective and are thankful for this newfound information.
Posted at 1:50:pm 01/23/14
Well done
Phillip from Columbus, OH
I want to say 'well done' to Dr. McQuate. Another fascinating book added to my collection. It is right next to Blueprint For Bondage and Pyranosis which I totally enjoyed also. Keep ém coming Doc!
Posted at 9:43:am 01/23/14
Could not put this down
Simon from Greece
This book is compelling! I can't imagine the research that had to be done. It resonated with me on a deep, spiritual level and I couldn't put it down. It's a good, good book that answers SO many questions. Finally, some truth! Get this and read it and read it again and you'll understand what I'm talking about. Thank you Dr. Scott!
Posted at 9:42:am 01/10/14
Just a quick word of praise
Matt from Indiana
Dr. McQuate, I want to let you know that your work has changed my life. I\'m sure you hear this often but I am serious. What you have written about in the Tribulation and other books has opened my eyes like you wouldn\'t believe. Anyone who has anything but positive things to say about you or your research has never read it or is a shill or just plain evil. YOU ROCK and your research is so helpful I don\'t even know where to begin. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Keep up the awesome work you do. There is nothing else that comes close and YOU ARE APPRECIATED!
Posted at 9:28:am 01/10/14
Really Opened My Eyes - Great Book
Clayton from MO
Got the paperbound version and I\'m glad I did because I have been able to take notes on the pages. This book is bursting at the seams with fascinating info I have never seen before yet it resonates with me on just about every page I flip. Got goosebumps several times and will definitely be reading this again, probably several times. Fantastic research. Thank you.
Posted at 9:11:am 09/06/13
I couldn't put this book down
Bill T from New Hampshire, US
I read this book straight through twice. When they say the truth is stranger than fiction, they mean it. The research is really awesome and it covers a wide variety of very interesting topics. The thing that most impressed me though was the way Dr. McQuate used the ancient languages to explain so many mysteries and eliminated religious confusion. The result is what I consider a truly beautiful mosaic that explains a lot of issues in the Bible and really in the world that have always been perplexing to me and I know a lot of other people, too. Get the book and read it and be sure to take notes. Great work Doc!
Posted at 11:38:am 06/01/13
I am amazed at this book.
Chad B from Indiana
A book like this deserves (and needs) to be read by everyone, whether they are religious or not. It's about a true, ancient conspiracy that is coming to a climax before the world's eyes but no one knows it. And it's NOT a work of fiction! This is as real as it gets. The author sheds light on things that have obviously been concealed on purpose and then ties them together very nicely. Admittedly I was shocked by what I learned about my DNA and the ancient manipulation of it and how that relates directly to the tribulation but there is so much more in this book that sets it apart from the mainstream. There is no doubt it's one of my top 3 favorites and I'm sure I'll read it many times more.
Posted at 8:07:am 05/16/13
Eye-opening and incredibly revealing book
Peter from Florida
This book opened my eyes like nothing I've ever read. I couldn't put it down because each page contained so much information that was new to me. My father is a pastor so I have grown up with a pretty good grasp on what the Bible says, but now I'm not so sure. The proofs provided from the author's research really made me take notice of the fact that what's taught in the church is bent, to say the least and only a shadow of the truth. The creator is obviously doing a work through this man Dr. McQuate and I thank him for a powerful piece of literature that is sure to change lives.
Posted at 5:23:pm 04/01/13
Tremendously valuable book
KellyB from Oregon
There are hundreds of books that have been written about the Tribulation and the end times and I've read probably around 40, but I see this book as more valuable in its content than all the others combined. They all say basically the same kinds of things based on traditional doctrines and that gets old fast. This book should be an example of how books ought to be written, with information that is out of the ordinary, but factual at the same time. This IMHO is a classic work and if you want to know what secrets have been kept from you then read this book. It's fantastic.
Posted at 7:24:am 02/16/13
Very, very interesting book
Mark L from Quebec
There is so much in this book that I had to put it down to process it at one point. That is to the author's credit. In just a couple chapters of this book I found more quality information than I've ever read in several books on this topic that are currently on my bookshelf. His insights into genetics and their relation to the Tribulation are incredible and he brings so many things together that I never knew had any connection, like the Sumerian language, UFO's, the Pyramid in Egypt, Jesus parable of the fig tree, the Abomination of Desolation and a lot more. I know things now that I would have never known had I not read this book. This is truly on my list of favorites and I think it will be a classic.
Posted at 8:58:am 01/13/13
Excellent Reading And Timely
BLarson from Colorado
The Tribulation will replace the stale, dangerous doctrines in your mind with the truth that's been hidden in the Bible. This was done on purpose and once you read this book, you won't have any doubts about what is really going on in the world. Just a great book. Thank you Dr. McQuate!
Posted at 6:52:am 12/27/12
Like no other book I've read
James from Maryland
This book was intense. I loved it because I felt like I was getting a serious education about the Bible and what it really says along with a ton of information from the Sumerian language. I've taught Bible classes for several years and I had no idea that there was a connection between the Sumerian language and the Bible but the author connected them so well that I now have no doubt. Get this book and read it and I think you will love it too.
Posted at 1:09:pm 12/19/12
Classic Work
Michael from Oregon
This book imho will be a classic. There is something that grabs your attention and wakes you up on almost every page. Imagine that the world is twisted in a big 'knot' but people think it's 'not' and live accordingly because we've been told 'everything's ok and this is the way it's supposed to be'. This book untwists the knot so you can actually see things as they truly are and make your decisions accordingly. The ones who rule the world do it through deceit and don't want you to know what's in this book. Thanks for a great read!
Posted at 5:25:am 12/18/12
A timely book the church and the world needs
Linda from Connecticut
I'm not going to pretend this book didn't ruffle my feathers. But my feathers needed ruffled. I've felt for many years that the church has been asleep like it talks about in the Bible when it talks about the end times, but no one seems to care nor do they believe it. And if they did, I don't think they would even want to wake up when faced with the truth. Well I don't think we're going to be given a choice. With information being put out like what is in this book, we are going to have a rude awakening and face our true Creator. Dr. McQuate, I don't know if you read these posts, but I want to say 'thank you, thank you, thank you!' I'm sure it was not an easy task to uncover these incredible truths, but you are brave for doing so and I appreciate it so much. You are right. The truth WILL make us free and I think you are part of making that happen.
Posted at 5:05:pm 12/16/12
Powerful Reading!
Benjamin from New York
When I read this book, things just 'clicked'. You know how when you find something you've lost and you get that feeling of 'ahhh!'. That's it. There are some parts that are fairly deep, but the author brings it all together in a very nice fashion. This is one of those classics that I'm very proud to have on my shelf. I get tired of the same old same old mainstream sugar-coated milieu that people write to sell books because they know people will agree with them. This book is nothing like that. The author takes a strong stand to divulge the truth hidden within the ancient texts and it truly rocks.
Posted at 4:53:pm 12/16/12
Another Wonderful Book By Dr. McQuate
Rachel from Michigan
I always enjoy Dr. McQuate's research tremendously and I am a member of his Inner Circle. I've read most of what he has written and am always so impressed with the quality of his research. The Tribulation is full of his insights and is a very timely book that everyone needs to read, now.
Posted at 6:22:am 12/15/12
Powerful Information In This Book
Charles R. from Virginia
I have been a Christian most of my life and at the age of 64, I thought I knew a lot about the end times and related topics like the Tribulation. Having read this book 3 times, I know there is much I still have to learn. Dr. McQuate does an extraordinary job exposing the underlying messages in the Bible that have been hidden from us and once you read the book, you'll know why they've taken such great measures to hide these important facts. This is not a typical religious book you would find at a Christian bookstore and once you get it, you'll want to read it and read it again. You'll see what I mean. It's very, very interesting and the contents are very important for anyone who wants to understand the tribulation.
Posted at 6:08:am 12/15/12
This Book Is Awesome
Maria L. from Indiana
For anyone debating whether or not to buy this book, I would highly recommend it. I\'m an avid reader and mostly what I read is Christian-oriented material. This gave me an entirely new perspective on what the Creator wants for his people and opened my eyes to SO MANY things that I\'ve NEVER heard spoken of in church, but they are right in the Bible! The aspects about DNA that the author brought out and how it is secretly spoken of all throughout the Bible was a mind-bender. People think we have high technology now, but the ancients had it long before us and used it to manipulate the genetic law of the Creator for their own purposes. If you want real answers and want to know how to deal with what\'s coming in the tribulation, you need to read this book because no one else is going to tell you!
Posted at 10:48:am 12/13/12
Very Enlightening To Say The Least
Samuel from Arizona
I got Dr. McQuate's paperback and audio package and loved both. The audio is condensed to around two hours but is still packed with a tremendous amount of info. I've read about 5 different books over the last year about the Tribulation, all of which are very popular and believe me when I say that 99% of what you will find in this book is completely unlike any other book on the topic. It gives you the impression that there are keys that have been hidden for a long time and have just been discovered. And what Dr. McQuate has unlocked from the Bible is staggering.
Posted at 10:06:am 12/13/12
Excellent book!
Martin from United States
I couldn't put this book down. Simply an amazing piece of work. It's incredible how much has been covered up by the mainstream religious system and the powers-that-be. You need to read the book to appreciate what I mean. Absolutely fascinating and much needed information.
Posted at 9:36:am 12/13/12
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"I have been in the church my entire life and thought I knew the Bible inside and out, but quite honestly was floored from the information in Dr. McQuate's book. There has obviously been a very long-term effort to hide these things."
                        Donald K., Washington

"Having been a Pastor for more than 20 years, I have looked at the topic of the Tribulation from many different perspectives. What I've learned from Dr. McQuate's research is nothing short of incredible. The information he's uncovered is crucial for people to know and is incredibly powerful. This man knows his stuff."
                     Richard B., Pennsylvania

"I want everyone to know that you have changed my life with your teachings. I appreciate your dedication so much and am completely enthralled with your unique findings. The truth you've shared from your research is so interesting I can't stop thinking about it. Thank you!"
                     Susan M., South Carolina

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